Rainbow Class

Our goal is to provide a curriculum that will give a child a strong foundation intellectually, physically, and socially. We have developed a year-long program where each monthly theme is linked to the next in order to give our students the opportunity to build upon previous knowledge and continue to progress in their intellectual, physical, and social development. Our curriculum is adapted to match the developmental needs of each child at each particular stage in their natural development. The program also incorporates math and science, language art, gross motor skills and learning centers. Learning centers are areas within the classroom each with their own special focus (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc.) that the children are free to choose from, this gives each child the independence to decide a part of their own learning experience each day. The program is offered in a very hands-on method that serves to enhance a child’s learning experience. RAINBOW will learn phonics, sight words, family words, and simple reading. We also cover logic/math smart, numerals, odd and even numbers, measurements, patterns, addition, and subtraction. JIS offers activities and choices that stimulate a child’s sense of curiosity. We strive for a well measured balance of play, discovery and participation to be blended into our day for maximum learning.