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Message from Director

Welcome to JOLIE KIDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS! We nurture each and every child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, while focusing especially on their language skills and also their interests in the natural world around them. As the director of Jolie Kids, I am very proud and happy to be sharing with all the families and staff, the endless excitement and the natural beauty of the children’s development and growth. I hope to have a chance to talk with all the parents about your children’s present and future. I look forward to your visit to our school!

Upcoming Event

2024 JULY(Tue) 23rd, (Fri) 26th 09: 00~15:00


May 1st to June 31st

No Entry Fee Campaign of New Students. 3 years ~

Our Educational and Teaching Philosophy

Having fun while learning

The sooner the better

Learning by creating curiosity

Each child is unique

Our Special Features

Early full English immersion education
Our school operates completely in English, in order for children to obtain 100% immersion instruction. However, we do offer opportunities for children to learn about Japanese culture, songs, customs, etc. Japanese classes for both Japanese and non-Japanese children are available upon request.
Small group size
We teach in small class size, each age group usually ranging between 2-6 children. We also give individual support to children who need close attention. The capacity of the total number of children we have in a day is 25. We have 4 different age groups as follows: ・Super Stars: 5-6 year olds ・Rainbow : 4-5 year olds ・Wind : -3-4 year olds ・Moon : 2-3 year olds
Multi-age activity
We want children to grow and develop from positive influences by the older children and helping the younger children with kindness. The family like atmosphere makes it possible for the children to feel as one and be nice and helpful to others.
Great school environment
Not only that our school is located in a very fine residential area, but we are also grateful that we have an excellent environment for young children to experience a little wild life here. We are surrounded by lots of various kinds of trees; children enjoy playing, running, walking in a large green grass park and discovering insects and plants, feeling every seasonal changes. You cannot miss every variations of spectacular seasonal view that nature brings to us.

Our Special Services

First Class Programs

3~5 years’ students will learn Robotics and coding.

Students of JIS will learn French as part of their curriculum. It will be studied once in a month.


Students will take part in tie and dye and batik class once every month.

After School Programs


If you can speak English the world becomes your playground