Wind Class

The program for our 3 to 4-year-old classes is based on a specialized thematic curriculum featuring their letters, shapes, colors and numbers. We aim to have our WIND kids say their alphabets, identify upper and lower case letters and know their sounds (phonics). They are taught to recognize their colors as well as recognizing their own names in print. Our Handwriting Without Tears® program assists in the development of their writing and fine motor skills. Our Wind will count, write their numbers, and understand the values of those numbers. They can recognize basic geometric shapes and are able to place objects in order of size. Our curriculum considers the different development levels and needs of each child. Because we realize how important it is for children to learn through play, we strive to provide a mixture of group and individual activities to create an inviting and exciting classroom environment. We have developed an original approach to language acquisition which helps our students to become bi-lerate. Our goal is to make each day a successful and positive experience for each child.